Who am I?


I am a professional image consultant and recruitment expert who combines these skills to prepare candidates and clients to conduct successful interviews. I strongly believe that skill in job interviews is a critical, often overlooked, key to fully realising the opportunities in our careers.

Of the thousands of candidates I’ve assessed, I’m so often disappointed by the performance of the candidates throughout the assessment process, and especially at interview. Perfectly qualified and experienced candidates arrive for interviews unprepared, poorly presented and give inadequate answers to standard questions. The Panel’s post-interview discussion laments the candidate’s lack of preparation, presentation and poor answers. What a waste.

And it’s not just the candidates who fail to capitalise on the assessment process. Employers are recruiting when they have not fully articulated the role requirements, have not defined their ‘ideal candidate’, or given insufficient thought to the interview questions and how the answers will be rated.

Interview skills training is much more than just the interview and is such a small investment when considered against the relatively enormous costs of tertiary education. Think of it as the finishing touch.

I genuinely love coaching candidates and employers in effective interview skills. I would genuinely love to coach you.

How did I get here?

After many years in Sydney working in a variety of roles across a range of industries, I sold up and moved to Canberra. I’d visited Canberra once for a couple of days and it seemed like a nice place. 20 years later, it’s still a nice place, although when winter is this cold, I think it’s just plain rude not to have snow!

Canberra provided more opportunities to try different careers. I managed international aid projects in Asia and the Pacific, before being persuaded into executive recruitment. Then, a newly-found love of Ballroom, Latin and Argentine Tango dancing presented the opportunity to train as a professional dance teacher. During that time, I also accepted an invitation to direct the Canberra Short Film Festival, an experience that remains one of the highlights of my career. Family took centre stage for a while, and it was during those years that I started scribing and serving on interview Panels. I discovered a definite niche for my qualifications and experience as an image consultant and recruitment expert. It was time to grow the little interview skills training I’d done so far, into a real, grown-up business.

Interwoven through this colourful career tapestry, are the educational threads of Image Consulting, Project Management, Linguistics, Psychology and Communications. A life-long learner, I am currently studying a Graduate Diploma in Professional Practice (Communications).