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    Image Consultant or Fashion Stylist – what’s the difference?

    What is an Image Consultant? How is an Image Consultant different to a fashion stylist? Why would I use an Image Consultant? These are questions I hear regularly and the answers are quite simple. Fashion stylists select outfits for particular looks and might also help with wardrobe planning and personal shopping. They mainly work with celebrities, models and actors to create looks for events, photographic shoots and fashion shows. An Image Consultant is trained in “image enhancement (appearance, body and colour analysis, wardrobe development, and management), sound and effective communications, business and social etiquette, civility, branding, and moreā€”all through coaching and training.” This is the definition given by the Association…

  • Recruitment advice

    Preparing for an interview: The 5-minute guide.

    So, your application’s won you an interview. Congratulations! When was the last time you sat for a successful interview? Of all the interviews you’ve had, how many have been successful? In other words, what’s your strike rate? Now add up all the time you’ve spent preparing for the unsuccessful ones; finding the vacancy, preparing the application, the interview process. And just for fun, work out how much that cost you (ie, the opportunity cost). Maybe you’re looking at interview skills training differently now? Watch this quick, 5-minute guide and get some tips to help make your next interview a success.