• Career management

    The trouble with career paths

    When I graduated high school, way back last century (!), careers advisors were somewhat of a rarity. Certain parts of my extended family were very big on further educational achievements, so when asked, “what are you going to study when you leave school?”, I got used to saying, “I’ll probably do a BA and an MA and then decide”. That provided an acceptable answer and had a grain of truth in it. I really hadn’t decided what I wanted to do. Fast forward some years, OK, many years, and I still haven’t decided what I’m going to be when I grow up. I’ve managed to successfully change careers at least…

  • Recruitment advice

    Preparing for an interview: The 5-minute guide.

    So, you’re application’s won you an interview. Congratulations! When was the last time you sat for a successful interview? Of all the interviews you’ve had, how many have been successful? In other words, what’s your strike rate? Now add up all the time you’ve spent preparing for the unsuccessful ones; finding the vacancy, preparing the application, the interview process. And just for fun, work out how much that cost you (ie, the opportunity cost). Maybe you’re looking at interview skills training differently now? Watch this quick, 5-minute guide and get some tips to help make your next interview a success. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1R3443YPcnny-KyzddEimnCCNB4xlotW3#t=,42  

  • Organisation

    The unexpectedly scary magic of tidying

    I’m re-reading Marie Kondo’s wonderful books on tidying and have discovered some unexpected monsters. Although I can easily distinguish which of my possession I truly hate and I can usually decide which give me joy, it’s not that easy to get rid of some of the things that still seem important. That black jacket that doesn’t really suit me but is so useful for evenings. The boxy raspberry one that’s no longer my style, but which is my only decent summer-weight jacket. The navy handbag I bought because it fit my uni folder but that’s so floppy I can’t find my wallet even when it’s the only thing in the…

  • The touchy-feely stuff

    Discontent – what happens when an image consultant needs a new image?

    Skip this post if you’re not into touchy-feely-navel-gazing. I have been struggling to find a new image, a new “me”, for the past few years. I discovered that I needed to define myself outside my closest relationships. Why? Because a lot of things that turned out to be central to my identity, vanished.  My career as a dance teacher ended abruptly because of injury and both parents died within a few years of each other. I hadn’t realised how much my life and decisions unconsciously revolved around these things until they were gone. How? This has been much more difficult. I found myself looking backward to what I wanted to be…