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Discontent – what happens when an image consultant needs a new image?

Skip this post if you’re not into touchy-feely-navel-gazing.

I have been struggling to find a new image, a new “me”, for the past few years. I discovered that I needed to define myself outside my closest relationships. Why? Because a lot of things that turned out to be central to my identity, vanished.  My career as a dance teacher ended abruptly because of injury and both parents died within a few years of each other. I hadn’t realised how much my life and decisions unconsciously revolved around these things until they were gone. How? This has been much more difficult. I found myself looking backward to what I wanted to be as a child, what I’d enjoyed in the past, people I’d admired and modeled. But each time, the decision – “ah, yes, that’s who/what I always wanted to be/do” – was ultimately unfulfilling. I blamed it on my impatience, short attention span and addiction to change. Until I didn’t…

I decided to accept who I am and what I can do. To be the best “who” I can be and do the best “what” I can do. I decided to look forward.

I am a bit obsessed with style and function, beauty and practicality, elegance and innovation. I get real joy from helping people find their unique style and that’s what makes me a good image consultant. So I’m turning my favourite hobby into a business. Oh, and I love to shop!

I adored teaching and I happen to know a lot about job interviews and recruitment. I’ve performed and scribed for thousands of interviews, and I have over ten years’ experience in the Canberra recruitment industry.

It’s obvious. Focus on two things I really enjoy and excel at; personal image and interview skills coaching.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll finish building this website with gorgeous photos, loads of tips, links and other cool stuff for you. In the meantime, leave a comment and tell me what you’d like to know. I’m available for personal colour and style, shopping and interview skills coaching throughout the Canberra region.

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